Havana Nights

The Max King Events team spent a night in Havana with St. James Cathedral School. For this vintage Cuban theme, we used a combination of white stucco structures, dark wood window perimeters and colorful conga drum features to transform the school into a true downtown Havana district.

Two Havana Tile Bars were the focal point of the Auction Area where guests could bid on various items. The wood planked bars were overlaid with terra cotta tiles and cornered with oversized balusters. Each bar was flanked with 10’ faux Coconut Palm Trees.

IMG_5293 copy

IMG_5292 copy

Placed throughout the Auction Area were our Conga Drum Hi-Boy Cocktail Rounds. Various colored hi-boys were created from authentic professional grade Latin percussion instruments and improved with acrylic table-tops.

IMG_5303 copy

Our Semi-Circular Conga Drum Bar was the main outdoor attraction where cigar rolling and scotch tasting were taking place. The off-white stucco bar was accented with conga drum halves and paired with our 4-Wheel Vendor Cart Action Station. The bar was backed with a freestanding Dark Wood Window Unit and festival-style String Lights were hung in a zig zag formation from rustic timber posts.

IMG_5389 copy

IMG_5392 copy

Our grand Havana Stucco Canopy was placed at the entrance of the gymnasium and framed with Areca Palms. The vintage-style club entry was rendered with brilliant yellow neon lettering across the top to read, “Havana”.  The canopy was supported atop faux, Spanish stucco columns. Dark wood shutters flanked each side with larger Spanish stucco columns finishing the outer edges.

IMG_5387 copy

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Our Pacifica Bar awaited guests as they entered the gymnasium that was transformed into the main event space. The bar was woven with matte bamboo fascia and accented with dark-wood posts. The bar was backed with Dark Wood Shutter Perimeters, reminiscent of facades on the downtown streets of Havana, and completed with an elegant brass foot rail. 14’ honey-mahogany Palm Columns topped with rich gold canvas palm fronds bordered the bar.

IMG_5325 copy


Serpentine-style Banana Leaf Buffets were created with rich, honey mahogany to replicate the iconic leaf. The stations were paired with matching Banana Leaf Hi-Boys to provide a tiered food presentation.

IMG_5335 copy 2

Behind one of the buffets was an 8’ x 10’ Vintage Cuban Postcard that was flanked with faux Coconut Palms.

IMG_5321 copy

The main stage featured 2 of our 8’ x 10’ Vintage Cuban Postcards, each paired with faux Coconut Palm Trees, amber up lights and additional foliage. The stage was lined with our white Balustrade Rails to complete the look.


IMG_5359 copy

IMG_5363 copy

MKE had fun transforming the space at St. James Cathedral School into a downtown Havana district. We were able to transport guests to vintage Cuba and recreate an authentic “Havana Night” experience.

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