Countdown to Chaos-AFR Networker 2012

2012 has been deemed a year of world-ending chaos due to the infamous Mayan legend. Instead of living in fear for the year, the AFR Event Furnishings team created the “Countdown to Chaos” theme concept for their 5th Annual Showcase and Networking event at the Majestic Event Center. Hundreds of event industry professionals attended the unique networker to connect with fellow colleagues and enjoy the sampling of services from dozens of event vendors, including Max King Events!

“Urban Wreckage” was the idea behind the various items of decor provided by MKE that could be seen throughout the party. Over-sized “concrete” blocks and TNT boxes were paired with the event signage to communicate the theme concept as guests entered the main event space.

The MKE team was asked to provide miscellaneous themed decor items such as “poison” barrels, barricades, traffic cones, and the like to create vignettes throughout the space. Some of the black “poison” barrels were re-purposed to create cocktail seating with the addition of the AFR-provided glass top and chrome swivel chairs. It was the perfect mix of function, edge, and style!

Over-sized “concrete” blocks were utilized in various ways at the event. An over the top food display from Arthur’s Catering was a fantastic mix of their chain link fences and MKE cinder blocks used as table supports. Guests also had the opportunity to use the concrete blocks as seat benches that were paired with the AFR Furnishings to create intimate seating areas surrounded with MKE-provided chain link fencing sections.

The eclectic mix of edge and beauty for the main space was attributed to all of the amazing decor sponsors that came together to pull off this unique theme concept. Kaleidoscope Event Lighting & Design, Swag Decor, Over the Top Linens, and Raining Roses were just a few of the service providers that partnered with the AFR team. Max King Events was so pleased to be asked to sponsor at their annual networker, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Photos Courtesy: Damon Tucci Photography

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