Introducing the new product…“BACK-BEAT” DRUM CABARET SETS!

They’re the REAL DEAL! Actual drum kits have been “re-purposed” to become extremely unique seating and table elements. The ‘table’ itself is comprised of dual 24” diameter, “drum head”-style hard tops, centered with . . .wait for it. . .an authentic cymbal that houses battery L.E.D. cabaret lights!

Aside from the actual drum “throne”, each set has a snare drum stool, a floor tom stool, and a smaller “tom-tom” stool, each topped with an exquisitely comfortable padded seat covered in marine-grade vinyl.
The face of each bass drum (the table) can be easily branded as well!
There are four complete sets NOW IN INVENTORY! What a great ‘add’ to a rock &roll theme, jazz and blues club. . .the use and fun is endless!

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