Orlando Magazine Photo Shoot at MKE Warehouse

Max King Events was able to lend our themed decor and prop warehouse to be the backdrop for a fashion photo shoot for Orlando Magazine. Our entire space was open to the photographer and her creative team to create one of a kind shots with drop-dead gorgeous fashion! From early morning to late afternoon, we witnessed beautiful transformations and art in the making. We documented the experience through our own camera lens to share with you!

Our office became a prep area, full of racks of amazing clothes, boxes of stilettos, hair styling tools, and lots of hairspray!

The first shot was in front of our glitter sun stage piece (one of my personal favorites at MKE!). The stunning shimmer dress with the glimmer in the sun could not have been more beautiful!

Our glitter star sprays behind our half circle arch entry were chosen as a back drop for the next shot…

The photographer Norma Molina (one of our favorite people EVER!) fell head-over-heels when she saw the aluminum columns!

The model was so sweet and patient! I didn’t hear her complain once during the whole day. Her personality made her even more beautiful!

Look out for 9-page spread featuring Max King Events Decor in the October issue of Orlando Magazine!

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