We Built This City (literally!)-Decor for Sysco Fall Food & Supply Show

It was that time of year again! The Max King Events team worked directly with Sysco West Coast Florida to provide the village and streetscape decor for the 2011 Annual Fall Food and Supply Show held at the Tampa Convention Center on October 11. This year’s overall theme was all about the Sysco brands, so each booth decor catered to the brand division and white awnings with the Sysco name were a commonality throughout. With some strategic planning and slight customization, we managed to create eight double sided shop-looking facades for different Sysco divisions, holiday booth decor, a new item showcase display, and many versions of street lamps and signage.

One of the more prominent, and always popular, areas in the show was the Italian area. Attendees could not miss the Italian-flairof the facade decor with the huge country flags that were hung in the windows as the backdrop to the red, white, and green tables in the space.

You wouldn’t have guessed you were walking through a convention center when you got to the Produce area. The area was themed as a farmer’s market, and with the amount of carts and fresh produce on display, it felt like a market gathering you could have in your own town. They even created a lemonade stand using our brightly colored vendor cart!

The inspiration for the Fresh and Frozen Seafood booth areas were taken straight from the seaside shacks and wharf buildings that can be seen in any coastal city. Shutters, corrugated tin, lobster traps, dinghy boats, and they like were just some of the nautical themed elements that made the booth decor the perfect backdrop to the seafood products.

It looked like the attendees were very ready for the holidays by the large amount of people that surrounded the Holiday booth. The decor centered around the 12′ tall Christmas tree, fully decorated, and globe street lamps trimmed in holiday garland and red bows.

Simple brick columns with canopies marked the Power Buys and Dairy areas. To make the dairy booth unique, the brick was painted white and featured a cow print awning.

The Sysco Brands area featured a faux brick and cinder block facade, complete with a “roll up” garage door, just like a company’s shipping and receiving area may look like!

A staple at the Fall Food and Supply Show is the New Item Showcase, a simple display of white cubicle boxes to feature all of the new items in Sysco Foods inventory. You couldn’t walk by it without taking a peak at the up and coming food products!

Max King Events always has a great time working with the amazing team over at Sysco to put on such a successful event. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to do it again in 2012!

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