Arabian Nights

Every year the Max King Events team looks forward to collaborating with Executive Producer Janice Stephens on a fantastically themed event for Florida Hospital’s Medical Staff Dinner. This year, our team was faced with the creative challenge of replicating an Arabian Night theme.  Once we had determined the look we were going for, we knew that partnering up with Swag Decor would be the only way to bring this vision to life. After a lot of extensive preparation we were able to execute this by transforming the room into an Arabian Oasis.

Arabian Nights ProgramAs guests arrived they entered our infamous Nomad Tent used for registration. This was a colorful canopy tent standing 8’x8’x9’h that had been decorated with lush fabrics. We worked closely with Yessenia from Swag Decor to come up with the best fabrics to create these custom Arabian tents. The tent housed two 7′ rustic tables tops overlaid with an array of ‘Persian’ style throw rugs, all set atop rustic cargo crates to provide a themed setting for guest registration. To defuse the light, Swag Decor placed pipe and drape in Crimson Encore fabric along the windows in the foyer to give a tent like look while dimming the light.

Nomad Tent (3)          Swag-Window Draping (2)

Additionally three other tents were assembled together as the central feature to the foyer. The largest tent centered in the middle was 12’ x 12’ and elevated at 13.5’h . The other two tents were placed on either side of the large center tent with awnings, one being 10’x 10’x10’h and the other 8’ x8’x9’h.  To enhance the area, a camel was included, along with a massive amount of foliage as accents. Inside the large center tent, we added Bedouin tent accents which included; a seating area with oriental-style rugs, hanging lanterns, and varied baskets. While inside the two smaller tents, seating was provided by notorious furniture rental companies Chic Furniture and AFR. Inside one of the smaller tents, Leah from Chic Furniture provided their Moroccan stools in the orange colored cushion and the matching Moroccan coffee table to give the tent an inviting feel. We added an assortment of rugs and baskets to finish the look. While in another tent Sarah from American Furniture Rental (AFR) provided their L-shaped couch in the Extavaganza cover with a variety of accent pillows, along with four Hex tables that were used to hold our Aladdin lanterns and the like. All three tents gave an exotic and elegant vibe that was inviting to attendees.

Bedouin Tents (10)


Bedouin Tents (19)          Bedouin Tents (18)

Bedouin Tents (20)          Bedouin Tents (13)

Bedouin Tents (6)          Bedouin Tents (7)

Guest enjoyed great food, and were served from our Faux Stone Desert Ruin Buffets. These were placed at either ends of the foyer giving guests 24′ of double-sided food space.

Faux Stone Desert Ruins Buffet (3)

Faux Stone Desert Ruins Buffet (1)The entry of the ballroom featured our Grand Bedouin Tent entry, which was covered in lush and colorful regal fabrics.  This is a triple-door entry that was made from dark wood, rustic poles topped with regal gold finials that are angularly set to create the walk-through. Foliage concealed each of the pole bases, and was set with amber up-lighting.

Grand Beduoin Tent Entry (1)

Inside the Ballroom, we placed two different styled perimeter vignettes around the room. The tables were designed perfectly to go along with the Arabian theme. The linens and chair covers were provided by Over the Top, and the centerpieces were designed by Janice Stephens.

Lantern Centerpiece (9)

One style of the vignettes that were used stood 14’w and featured a faux sandstone frame with a dark-wood slat façade which was accented with hanging faux-flame oil lamps. On either sides of the slat wall was our onion doors, which featured authentic wood bead curtains. A colorful awning stretched-out as a foreground feature to the facade. The vignette was completed with varied oriental rugs and pillows in different colors. There were two of these vignettes, each with unique features.

Onion Doors-Vignette #1 (7)

Onion Doors with Bead Curtains (2)Onion Doors-Vignette #1 (2)










The other style of perimeter vignettes featured lush gathered fabrics that were supported by a ‘hoop’ armature floor-supported to a towering 16’h.  Within the circular fabric structure, was a fully dimensional onion door facade that was finished in a rustic faux stucco to become the 5’x8’h “inner-structure” feature to the elevated vignette. Inside the onion door was a lit Arabian lantern hanging within the structure. To complete this look we added a variety of oriental rugs and pillows. There was a total of four of these vignettes, which were placed on either side of the above vignette, giving the room a complete look.

Onion Doors-Vignette #2 (12)   Onion Doors-Vignette #2 (9)










Onion Doors-Vignette #2 (1)Onion Doors-Vignette #2 (3)

Lastly, we provided a “Sahara” stage backdrop that was used as a background to The Launch Group’s onion door stage set. To complete this look we added some lush foliage. The Launch Group was able to play with the lighting against the backdrop to give it both a “Sahara” desert look and an oasis look.

Sahara Desert Backdrop Stage (2)

Sahara Desert Backdrop Stage (7)

We are privileged to help with this event every year, and we know everyone enjoyed themselves while taking an adventure through the Arabian Night.  We couldn’t have done this event without partnering up with Swag Decor to bring our visions to life! If you are interested in learning more about the decor, please contact our sales team!

For more information regarding the services we received from our partners please visit their websites below!

Swag Decor, visit

Chic Furniture, visit

AFR, visit

The Launch Group, visit

Over the Top, visit






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