Celebrating the Winter Games Sochi 2014

Every year the Max King Events team looks forward to collaborating with Executive Producer Janice Stephens on a fantastically themed holiday event. This year, our team was faced with the creative challenge of bringing the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia to sunny Orlando, Florida!

The pre-function space set the scene for the Winter Games, with a 20’ wide center area display, featuring the classic Russian onion domes (supplied by Spectacular Themes), “buried” in faux snow. Two faux ice rinks were created using “glice” for actual entertainers to skate on during the event! Crisp white furniture and chic LED cherry-blossom trees (supplied by The Event Source) brought a cool glow to the spectating areas.



We created brand new buffet centers inspired by European information kiosks. Each were adorned with a collection of vintage Olympic poster replicas and topped with faux snow. Intermixed with the kiosk buffet centers was our brand new bobsled! A myriad of faux snow-covered evergreen trees based with blankets of “snow” were featured throughout the foyer to add an authentic touch to the space.




Guests entered the ballroom through our sleek, brushed aluminum tri-column entry, faced with the iconic rings emblem. Each side of the entry was lined with flags from the various countries from around the world, including the USA and Russia.Inside the ballroom our huge “flame” cauldron was set center stage as an iconic representation of the games!



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