Florida Hospital Medical Staff Dinner-Roaring 20’s

With this years Florida Hospital Medical Staff Dinner being a Roaring 20’s theme, we knew we had to step up the glamour while still have a nostalgic feel. We accomplished this by utilizing our Deco decor, as well as modifying some of our existing decor to give it an upscale look. Below you will see how we brought this theme to life!…


Our Custom Canopy Entry assembled with a metallic gold top and flanked with Deco style figurines awaited guests’ arrivals. A black carpet runner bordered with black velvet ropes and silver stanchions led them through the canopy and into the registration area of the event. Next to our entry featured a vintage car out on display provided by Peyton Entertainment. This was the perfect introduction to what awaited attendees inside.



In the main foyer, our deco-inspired Clock Replica was placed atop a pedestal and placed in the center of the foyer as a main focal point. The clock was finished in a bold, faux “brass” color and was illuminated by large globe style light bulbs in each corner of the base. Then, park benches and street lamps that featured custom street signs displaying a variety of last names on behalf of the representatives from Florida Hospital and were clustered throughout the venue.


IMG_4268 Additional Deco figures holding inner-lit globes were placed around the perimeter of the foyer and were completed with flanking areca palms.



Two buffet stations were paired with our Rolls Royce Stations, one black and one gold, were positioned on either side of the foyer. The car stations featured real working headlights, durable glass tops, and a wooden shelf in the rear. Champagne fountains were placed directly behind the stations while quarter serpentine tables held the necessary glasses. Centering these buffet stations was additional Street Lamps with custom street signs.




Routed golden panels reminiscent of The Great Gatsby gate symbol were staggered along the foyer stage riser. Each panel is centered in a gold frame for an elegant look. Lush areca palms and handsome amber uplighting completed the look.  This created the perfect background for the foyers stage.



The ballroom entry was a massive deco-themed, two-tiered gold tone cupola supported by 30″ golden mahogany, gold trimmed columns. The cupola header features inner-lit deco sconces and was dressed in rich and lush live foliage and palms. The entire entry was accented with handsome amber uplighting.



Inside the ballroom, the stage was enhanced with four 12’ formal open-pane mansion style window units and lined with 12’ white columns. Each window was fronted with elegant balustrade rails and four additional rails were used towards the front of the stage. The team from Paradise Light and Sound, headed up by their Launch Production Team added crystal bead strands to our mansion style windows to give them a more glamorous look. It all was set in front of Paradise’s LED Star Drape.  The stage set was completed with beautiful areca palms.





Max King Events enjoyed being a part of this fabulous event designed to reward the hardworking medical staff of Florida Hospital.


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