2015 MPI Holiday Celebration

Max King Events was honored to be a sponsor for the 2015 MPI Holiday Celebration. This year’s theme was Around the World which worked perfectly with our international décor. Selina Mullenax from Exhilarate Events and students from MPI Knights did an excellent job bringing this theme to life, from the food to the décor, the room was transformed into an around the world experience.

482452_10151478651288371_801687335_nAs the central focal point in the room we used our impressive world globe, rendered in full color. We placed it atop our Brushed Aluminum Torchiere for it to stand over 11’h. On all four sides of our globe was Chic Event Furniture’s White Tuft Bars that were lit in white LED lights, amongst the other furniture provided by them.



For each of the different destinations represented in the room, we provided décor for all of them.  That way as attendee’s walked around the room deciding which food station to grab from, they knew exactly which country was being represented. Set around the base of  each decor piece used, were stacks of luggage that featured oversized ‘luggage tags’ with the Max King Events logo.


For the United States station we used the iconic Statue of Liberty. Standing over 9’h she stands in her glory with a lighted torch.  Quest Drape provided the Silver Poly drape that featured panels of their Mirrored Bubble Curtains. This created the perfect background for our decor. To finish the look, blue LED uplights were used to give the Mirrored Bubble Curtains an added effect.



The France area which had delicious pastries and other desserts was sited with our 6’x8’ oversized Eiffel Tower postcard. It was set at an angle and had various pieces of luggage at the base.


Our 8’h Leaning Tower of Pisa was used to represent Italy. Right next to this station was Japan which featured our Gong.



Lastly, Mexico was represented with another 6’x8’ oversized postcard, which featured a Mayan Pyramid. Standing in front of the postcard was our life-size donkey statue that was adorned with baskets. This station featured homemade guacamole and a taco trio, which was delicious!



 We appreciated being a part of the team to put this event together!

Thank you to all the other sponsors involved with this successful event…


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