Fresh Off the Farm! Sysco Food Show 2012

Elevating the typical “farmer’s market” theme, the MKE crew and Sysco West Coast Florida team collaborated on an over-the-top “Farm to Fork” concept for their 2012 Fall Food Show. Each of the Sysco food booths featured a custom display that focused on where the food product originated, all with a major element of branding. Take a “walk” through the show floor as you read the blog post and view the photos below!

Multiple entries were created to resemble the shape of a barn, complete with a custom header piece centered with HUGE utensils! Accent decor of actual produce and farm wares were the perfect touch to add to the introduction!

As the attendees entered the foyer, a modified version of our famous Bimini Bar served as the main beverage station for various vendors. Vendor carts were sporadically placed to serve as extra beverage stations!

Once you walked onto the official show floor, a fully dimensional stable-type barn structure, complete with a porch overhang and walk through access for the Sysco Brands booth was displayed. A white corrugated tin roof was branded with an over-sized graphic in order to be seen from across the show floor!

Attendees couldn’t miss the very colorful produce display, marked with a “Farmer’s Market” central feature painted with a touch of the Sysco colors to tie in the branding message. Crates, baskets, and displays of actual produce proved the vibrant booth decor could be both functional and beautiful! Next to the “Farmers Market” display was the Dairy booth decor featuring a trailer hitch covered in “hay”, complete with our new baby calf statue!

What better both decor concept for the frozen and fresh seafood display then our brand new dimensional fishing boat?! The giant booth feature allowed for multiple display areas for the various types of frozen and fresh seafood, all covered in nautical accents of nets, traps, ropes, and more. We customized the stern of the “boat”, branded with the Sysco logo, to be a surround for the case display of fresh fish and seafood and our dock tables served as additional food display space around the entire booth!

On the other side of the food aisle was the double-sided, dimensional Premium Protein booth facade. The booth design was created with functionality in mind, as the center of the booth was used as a prep and cooking area and the roof area above was created with an opening for ventilation. Both sides of the booth were complete with window displays, fronted with faux brick fascia to match the overall look of the booth design.

Simple yet impactful booth decor was evident at the ChefEx booth. A barn-shaped header was supported with “Sysco blue” tower supports, covered in over-sized utensils, kitchen accessories, and more that spiraled up each of the towers!

The most prominent booth decor creation had to have been the HUGE Sysco Power Buys fully dimensional, open barn feature. The over-sized barn structure was installed in the center of the tradeshow floor, and allowed for walk through access as to not impede on the trade show traffic. Attached to the barn was a fully branded silo, covered in the Power Buy logos that were featured in the booth. Always keeping an eye on the details, the barn was topped with a custom Sysco-inspired weather vane, created with over-sized utensils!

The Sysco company doesn’t focus just on food products, but many other non-food products as well! We painted our barn facade the Sysco colors to serve as a backdrop for one of the services, and a rustic water tower was paired with our infamous Ford truck to continue the farm theme!

The MKE team always looks forward to the collaboration and concept development with the Sysco West Coast Florida team for the fall food show, and we can’t wait to start planning for a successful 2013 show!

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