MKE goes to INDY!


As guests walked down the hallway towards the ballroom, they were greeted with A Rustic “American Country” Fence. The 10’ long and 8.5’ high authentic, rough-hewn fence sections were painted with a “folk-art” style American flag and was fronted with a faux boxwood hedgerow to create an impressively patriotic look.


The entrance to the main ballroom was created with 12’h mahogany columns that supported a stylized custom header reading, “American Country”.  Fully dimensional stars in three graduating sizes were sited atop the header piece. The columns were topped with stylized gold capitals that housed active ‘le flame’ faux fire effects. The columns were trimmed in gold accent bands that sat on top of gold bases. One column featured an oversized 5-string banjo, while the other featured an oversized acoustic guitar, both in natural wood tones. To complete the patriotic look, red, white, and blue fabric with stars and stripes were draped from the top of the entry.


Country American Entry

Inside the ballroom, dark wood Billiard Pergolas were assembled over pool tables. Rustic billiard table lamps were suspended over the pool table from the center pergola. Bar-height trestle tables were placed on each outer side of the support walls and paired with bar stools for additional seating.


Our Patriotic Shooting Stars were used as a main buffet centerpiece. The white and gold dusted stars were clustered at tiered heights, surrounded by 2 American flag images, trimmed with gold tassels, and placed on top of a hotel buffet table.


Our corrugated tin Marina Bars were combined with our Roadhouse building façade to create the perfect Blues & BBQ Bar and Background. Three Marina Bars merged to construct a triple bar feature that was placed in front of the Roadhouse background to become a main focal point for the ballroom. Two emblems of crisscrossed guitars were hollowed to reveal a backlighting effect of faux fire and completed with warehouse style lamps.

KSI_1868 (1)

KSI_1942 (1)

Max King Events was able to construct a more elegant spin on our popular Bluegrass theme, and create “American Country”. By combining the perfect amount of typical southern décor with more sophisticated and stylish pieces, the pure essence of the “American Country” theme were displayed.



There’s no better place to create a raceway themed event than the home of the Indy 500, Indianapolis!

NASCAR style Racecar Buffet Stations created food service space on car flats that were supported by authentic pit-stop-style fuel barrels. Pit Action Stations were also created with a combination of fully dimensional stock car fronts and a variety of racing tools and equipment.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.21.18 AM



We used our four-sided, dark stained, Center Room Mahogany Bar, however, we modified it to be a three-sided bar feature so the back bar could be against the wall. We modified the pennant lights to feature edison bulbs with a wired caged pennant to bring out the racing look.

DSC_0022 (1)

DSC_0019 (1)

For these events we were able to showcase MKE’s ability to travel anywhere in the U.S. to still exceed expectations.  It was a successful event….even with the snow trying to get in our way!



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