“Surf’s UP!” at Tin Roof

Max King Events partnered up with ME Productions to put on a “beachy” Surfs Up themed event at Tin Roof Orlando. The combination of our entry, palm trees, and tropical photo op created an ideal evening spent at the beach. Once guests walked in they were greeted with our “Surfs Up” Entry that featured a customized header. The entry included fully dimensional lifeguard chairs that were paired with colorful oversized surfboards, life rings, and netting.

Surfs Up Entry (2)

A creative grouping of our Lifeguard Chairs, Oversized Flip Flops, faux Sand Dunes, Surf Boards, and colorful Umbrellas created a beachy look surrounding the stage.  The vignettes were placed in front of authentic ‘dune fencing’ and were completed with a faux-weathered “Serenity Beach” titled sign. Placed on stage was a pair of oversized colorful sunglass that stood 7ft tall.

Lifeguard Stand (5)

Lifeguard Stand (9)

Lifeguard Stand (11)

An assortment of 10’ high Faux Coconut Palms were placed around the venue to truly bring out that tropical feel. We also added another sand dune beach vignette next to one of the buffet stations to keep the beach theme consistent around the perimeter of the room.

Coconut Palms (1)


Our “Beach Bod” Photo op gave guest the opportunity to take home some fun, yet tacky, photos.

Beach Bod Photo Op (2)

The Surfs Up event was a success and our tropical décor

was able to transform the room into a totally different atmosphere!

For more information about Tin Roof Orlando:  Kaylee@TinRoofBars.com

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