Peace, Love, & SIXTIES!

MKE  had a great time working with Poshable Events to create a unique atmosphere representing the iconic sixties decade. There were guitars and peace signs galore which created a fun groovy vibe for the attendees to partake in.

For  the entrance, our infamous guitar neck entry flanks were used to get guests ready for a rocking experience. The guitar necks are a larger-than-life dimension piece that replicates a 9’ acoustic Martin & Co guitar stock and a heavy metal B.C. rich Warlock guitar.

guitar neck entry with peace sign

The focal piece of the event was our new décor item, the peace sign vignette! Newly fabricated for this specific event, we created a 60’’ diameter fully dimensional peace symbol. What makes this item great is a custom graphic or logo can be added to the bottom of the base for extra advertising for your company’s brand. Below is how we went from Mike’s sketch to fabricating the item and then how we finalized it with adding it’s colorful gradient wash.

Peace                             IMG_1774[5]

Painting of peace sign          Edited Peace Sign with graphic

Placed around the perimeter of the event, were two of our dynamite guitar perimeter enhancements. To transform these 12’h guitars to fit into the sixties theme we added over-sized 3’ x5’ Woodstock themed posters that could have easily been found during that era. Our VW bus was used as a photo op for guests to stand either in front of the facade, or behind the “driver’s side window” to strike a pose. This 14′ wide vintage van became a fun and interactive piece for attendees.

Guitar perimeter     Guitar Perimeter 2










VW Bus (2)

The MKE team had a fun time seeing this event come together! If you are interested in learning more about the decor, please contact our sales team !

If you are interested in Poshable Events wonderful services visit their website


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