~Midnight Mystic~

The Midnight Mystic event offered plenty of fun and entertainment for attendees, from a delicious catered dinner by Puff-n-Stuff Catering Service to live music from a fifteen member band. All the décor provided was black and chrome, and truly gave an elegant darkened ambiance.

For the event we provided a tri-column entry piece. Although this piece is typically used as an entry way, due to inclement weather, we decided to move it indoors to become a stage piece, which proved to be a captivating focal point. This piece is a sleek brushed aluminum tri-column that is assembled atop inner-lit glass block bases towering at 10.5’h. For this particular event, we added ‘glitzy’ strands of black diamond-cut beads to the stylized column capitals.

Tri-Column with Beads Entry (4)     Black Beads (3)










Additionally, instead of red carpet runners, we provided black carpet runners with black ropes and stanchions. Presenting to be a ‘premier night’, when attendees arrived they strutted along the carpet leading them into the event space.

Black Carpet & Rope (3)

Also we provided our sleek glow bars, which can have custom graphics added for additional branding.

Glow Bar (3)

For an extra soft touch, centerpieces were added to each table. All centerpieces were created and provided by Heavenly Designs by Heaven Event Center.  The flower and candle features were sitting atop the table, while the ‘bubble’ piece was floating above the table.

IMG_3521  Floating Centerpiece (1)










Everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was even more exciting for us to work with our sister company.

If you are interested in learning more about the décor from MKE or Heaven Event Center, please contact our sales team!






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