Starlite Drive-in

Flashing back to the 1950’s drive-in era…

At the entrance, a 10.5 foot Starlite Drive-in sign awaited guests’ arrival. The sign displayed nostalgic 50’s aqua and bubble gum pink colors that were completed with the fully dimensional “Starlite” title rendered in an era-themed font. Faux corrugated tin walls fronted with hedgerows were placed as entry door flanks to the sign, and each vignette contained posters sporting the clients’ logo and movies from the past. Fully sized Ford pick-up and Chevelle car fronts were placed near the vignette in order to finish the hip movie house entry.


IMG_4000          IMG_4012

IMG_4001          IMG_4009

Upon entering the ballroom, guests were greeted by our two Caddy Couches, which were set on either side of the dance floor. The newly reupholstered leather couches, one red and one pink, allowed attendees to relax and feel as though they were at a drive-in theater.

IMG_4020          IMG_4019

Keeping up with the 50’s color scheme, a Concession Stand Bar was built specially for the event. The “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” characters and various concession treat tin signs were the perfect final touch to this white-checkered pattern concession stand bar.


IMG_3957          IMG_3959

Our brand new Mustang Buffet made its first appearance at the event! Actual aftermarket reproduction parts were utilized in order to create this full-sized replica of the ever so recognizable 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible.  Equipped with working headlights and taillights, the car was finished in a vintage ‘cream’ color, trimmed in chrome, and featured a scarlet red interior. The table-high buffet space was catered with food displays as well as plate stacks that occurred on the hood, mid-section, and the lid of the trunk.

IMG_3993        IMG_3988

IMG_3995          IMG_3996

The fully sized classic 1958 Corvette Buffet was also featured. Finished in a gorgeous two-tone Signet Red and white, the buffet supplied an additional food service area that allowed displays under the open hood and trunk.

Corvette Buffet (2)        Corvette Buffet (3)

Our vintage gas station vignette was placed at the corner of the ballroom to add to the drive-in experience.  An authentic Sinclair gas pump, a Coca Cola cooler, a retro Gulf sign, and a blue Chevy car front completed the vignette.


Beside the gas station vignette were two of our brick corner hi-boy areas. Each brick panel was filled with multiple albums and concert posters from this era. The hi-boy cocktail tables were made out of 45-rpm records completed with titled labels. Chrome and aqua soda shop stools generated a festive and fun themed seating area for guests to gather.


IMG_3985          IMG_3984










The ballroom had been completely transformed into a 50’s Starlite Drive-in! It was a lot of fun working on this event and watching all these pieces get built from ground up.


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