The MKE “Foodie Trucks” Have Offically Arrived!

The Max King Food Trucks have finally rolled into town! These “almost-full-size” replicas of street-vendor icons have become brand new colorfully themed food stations! The three-sided facades are perfect for perimeter locations and feature actual pass-through counters created at 42” high. The “trucks” are designed for an element of customization and offer plenty of branding opportunities. Don’t get too hungry as you read about how we took the delicious menu as the main inspiration to create the 3 “foodie trucks”! Take note of how each is a little bit different in color, shape, and trim-outs!

Chili Road Kings is the name of this smoking-hot food truck station. The bright orange facade was customized with purple trims and free-hand painted flames to coordinate with chili-inspired menu. The fully dimensional truck facade is complete with many automotive additions seen on the REAL trucks, including working headlights, authentic tires, side mirrors, and more!

Stick 2 It was the quirky name given to the food truck featuring menu items all served on skewers!  The bright yellow facade was toned down with brown trim-outs, a flat front “grill”, and a mounted chalkboard to write out the evenings delicious dishes. Branding opportunities were  available on the side of the truck in the form of vinyl graphics and a front vanity license plate displaying the company logo.

Sweet Street titles the fun “sweets” truck where decadent desserts were served. The bright red, yellow, and white truck facade station included the “old fashioned sweet shop” look with a striped overhead awning and a header sign bordered with fully functional lights!   Sweet Street was designed to have two pass-through counters for an added functional element and “twist” to the overall look. An ‘A’-frame sandwich chalkboard next to the truck was provided to hand write the dessert items to contribute to the “foodie truck rally” charm.

Contact our sales team today to find out how these “foodie trucks” can drive up the WOW at your next event!

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