Our first ever Vino & Vinyasa ladies networker event was a huge success!

Women from all over the industry joined us as we indulged in some much-needed

meditation, wine, and snacks.


As attendees entered Heaven Event Center, our massive Buddha Head was awaiting them to set the mood for the entire event.


Once inside, our Whimsical Chinamen Buffet/Action Station held an assortment of fruits, cheeses, and crackers. The fully dimensional, full-color statuaries depicting the jolly, stereo-typical “Chinaman” were utilized to create support pedestals for the 10’long buffet table. The buffet was finished in a high-gloss Chinese red lacquer and classic black trim.


In front and center of the room, surrounded by burning candles, sat our 48-inch high “Sitting Buddha” statue. This is where our ever-so-talented yoga instructor conducted the class. The rest of the attendees faced her from the comfort of their own yoga mat as they sipped wine and found their center.



We plan to host another Vino & Vinyasa Networking Event in the near future, so stay tuned!



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