Vintage Train Travel

Our new Vintage Train Travel Wall can be used in a variety of different ways, it can become a stage background or as a façade and be used for a variety of themed events from western, to decades, to holiday. It is composed with faux aged brick column supports and header to outline the corrugated “metal” fascia background. Then we added vintage-style graphics of various railway lines from yesteryears, along with some traditional railroad signs. A 30” antique Roman numeral clock is set opposite of the dimensional 7ft high replica of a steam engine train front, with the ability to have actual “steam” coming from the locomotive. Amber accent lighting is added to give it a subtle glow. Once all set it stands 12ft wide x 10ft tall!

Check out the progress pictures below of how we created this impressive piece!

Vintage Train Travel Stage

IMG_2571[3]     IMG_2574[1]

IMG_2675     IMG_2677[1]

IMG_2714[2]     IMG_2719[1]


IMG_3889     IMG_3872

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