Whisper Creek Farm

Max King Events had the opportunity to work with Verde Events again to plan a Farmers Market themed event at Whisper Creek Farm. With some additional help from our friends at AFR and Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, the event came together seamlessly and was a huge hit!

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As guests walked the outdoor scenic trail to enter Whisper Creek Farms, our 10.5 foot high Farmers Market Entry welcomed them. The main archway was topped with a rustic awning that read, “Farmers Market,” and the backside of the walk-through provided the clients with a perfect opportunity for branding. The entry was then finished with our authentic whiskey barrels, creating a real market feel.



Our Market Buffets, were created to look like authentic vendor tables, providing plenty of space for food display. Large cargo crates supported the planked buffet and baskets of fruit and vegetables hung from the tin-roof cover in order to complete the look.


Grab & Go Stations created from galvanized tubs were placed around the perimeter of the event. The stations provided guests with easy and convenient access to icy cold beverages throughout the evening.


A mixture of our large Communal tables and AFR’s Vermont Tables created an eclectic family style themed seating for guests to interact and enjoy their meal. The tables were beautifully paired with Mahogany Folding Chairs from Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals.


Our ranch style Trestle Table Seating was placed in the center of the lawn area surrounded by the other tables provided. Each trestle table included four natural wood bar stools where guests were able to sit and stand around the bar height table. Above the tables, were stunning festival string lights hung in a zigzag formation across the lawn. Weathered timber posts supported the lights that created a relaxed and festive atmosphere.


Another set of string lighting and timber posts surrounded the large built in stage set where the main entertainment was performing. We mounted our wireless LED lights to add additional lighting for the band.


Our eight Communal High-Boy Tables offered guests extra seating near the stage. Each table was surrounded by eight silver square Marcus Bar Stools, which were provided by AFR to provided additional seating. We also added AFR’s Faux Grass Collection to create an inviting furniture grouping with a perfect view of the stage.





Rustic Plank-Style Buffet Tables were topped with festive market umbrellas to provided a perfect location where desserts could be displayed.


The event was a complete success and we couldn’t have been happier with the end result. It was a great experience working with the Verde Events team to bring this theme to life. The Whisper Creek Farm is the perfect venue for our Farmers Market decor and we were so excited to have it out there.



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