Mad Hatter/Princess & Pirate

Mad Hatter

We all know the story of Alice in Wonderland and fantasized attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Well MKE has made this dream of a Hatter’s Party a reality. Customization was the real WOW factor for this event and allowed guest’s to be transported into a colorful, topsy turvy, imaginative world.

Our Mid-Area Fantasy Forest Vignette was the first element of décor showcased. This impressive grouping features an 11 foot high “fantasy” tree complete with dual faces “carved” into the trunk. Whimsically finished giant mushrooms, over-sized flowers, and over-sized bugs were added as colorful appliques.

IMG_3207As you moved around the room, “The Very Most Unlikely” Buffet was the focal point for one of the room. Centering the buffet are giant, over-sized, and fully dimensional mushrooms, assembled with huge fantasy flowers as well as a sizable snail, appearing with an enormous apple.

IMG_3198  IMG_3200

Our Black and White Double Bar had been customized with graphics to enhance the Mad Hatter theme. In its normal formation the bar stands 22 foot wide, however, for this event it was used as a 3-sided bar.


The “Mad Hatter” buffet, complete with a 40 inch pocket watch, is set askew of a towering stack of over-the-top hats in unexpected colors and fabrics, making an ‘appearance’ from within the hat, all set amid accent up-lights.

IMG_3194   IMG_3191

Princess & Pirate

We were also able to provide décor for another night of this multi-day event. This time it was a Princess and Pirate themed dinner. This was a unique theme that was centered around having fun for the children attending.

As an entry we wanted to represent both the Princess and Pirate theme so one side had the Ships’ Mast with Pirate Flag and the other side had a Column covered in pink mesh fabric with spire. This was perfect to draw the guests in to the event.

Pirate Mast 2   photo1


Our Ship’s Wheel & Jolly Roger Stand became the perfect photo op for the pirate side. It is complete with pirate crossbones and treasure chest accents.

Jolly Roger Photo opAnd we can’t forget about the focal point of the room with elegant Princess Columns. Standing at 12 feet in height, our white fluted columns were beautifully draped with pink mesh fabric and completed with hot pink spires to replicate a castle formation.

Column Castle 4

The MKE team had an amazing time bringing the designers vision to a reality.

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