Takin’ it to the Streets Networking Event

Max King Events and Heaven Event Center have teamed up once again to showcase our new products and their event space to industry professionals. This year’s theme was out of the box and a real hit with “Takin’ It To The Streets”.  The venue was divided into two rooms, Food Trucks and Urban Chic, to bring the different aspects of the street theme to life.

We created a custom “Takin’ it to the Streets” Entry fully equipped with ‘highway exits’ covered in ‘graffiti’. Truss towers were used as our supports for our custom signs that were created in the shapes of common street signs but had all of our generous sponsor logos instead. On either side of the truss towers we used our brick wall flats that had been covered in paint splatters. After walking through the entry on our Road Carpet guests entered Heaven and were greeted by our Taxi Cab Bar that was used as the registration table.Street Entry 2 Taxi Cab

The Foodie Trucks were the main focus and talk of the night among attendees. The 15’ long X 8’h facades are treated with dimensional details and features including mounted chalkboard style menu boards as well as accompanying ‘A’-frame sandwich chalkboards to create that “foodie truck” charm. Each catering sponsor received a customized header with their company logo and was able to customize the chalkboards by listing each of their food choices. We had Creations Catering in Mystic Spoon, Soiree Catering in Sweet Street, Arthur’s Catering in Vintage Vinny’s, and Millenia Catering in Yum Yacht. All of the food was absolutely delicious!

Mystic Spoon 1  Sweet Street 2

_MG_9548 Yum Yacht 1

Our “Buzz Bucket” Vintage Travel Trailer was used for Cocktails Catering to serve thirsty attendees with beverages. It stretches 12 feet wide by 6 feet deep by 8.5 feet in height. It provides a fun, tongue-in-cheek beverage vignette complete with the ever –popular ‘RED SOLO CUP’ string lighting to create its very own beer garden! We created a custom framed sponsor sign for their logo to be present.

buzz bucket 2_MG_9663

Our Garage Stage was the perfect backdrop for the guitar vocalist, Greg, to entertain guests with some classic tunes. Thanks to Peyton Entertainment for providing such great entertainment! Around the stage we used So Cool’s silver Umbrella Tables and placed our Natural Market Umbrellas inside to create that outdoor street feel throughout the space.

_MG_9554  IMG_3222

Directly across from the stage was our Rusty Redneck tagwall where guests were able to autograph the vintage 1947 truck and surrounding walls.  This was a big hit! By the end of the night Rusty was all tagged-up!

rusty 1Rusty 1

As an innovative surprise we used our Superhero Phone Booth Vignette as an accent to the streets. The silhouetted impression through the wall and 1980’s style phone booth made for a great photo opportunity and street corner atmosphere for the a capella group Pop Fusion provided by Penguin Entertainment.

superhero 2_MG_9749

The entire food truck room was lit up with flashing traffic lights hanging from the ceiling along with chain link fence sections to enhance the street theme. Meister Productions provided the textured lighting of the city skyline.


The Urban Chic room was painted red with Padded Walls and Brick wall sections. Measuring in at 10 feet high and 12 feet wide, it is accented with brick to keep in our streets theme. So Cool provided a variety of furniture that was used in this room. Their Eccentric furniture groupings were used and went perfectly with our red padded wall sections. We also used So Cool’s Hepburn & Topaz bar tables with barstools as some additional seating options for guests.

red padded 2_MG_9600

All the guests could be found around the dessert mirror wall at some point to choose their hearts desire. Out of the 32 feet of mirrored slate dessert walls we currently have in our inventory, 12 feet was used to hold an assortment of clear acrylic shelves which displayed the luscious desserts from Party Flavors. We utilized the opposite side of the mirror slate to become the perfect spot for our sponsor logos for Party Flavors, So Cool, and Meister Productions.

mirror dessert wall 3  _MG_9830-2

Bar Colossus was used by Premier Bartending as an additional bar for the event. It was lit up with red accent lights that reflected off of high-gloss black lacquer and brushed aluminum “perforated” laminates lining the outside. We only used half of the circular bar that normally cites a footprint of 20.5 feet in diameter. Behind the bar we used our mixed media perf metal and aluminum truss backdrop to go with our back bar pedestal that had our custom framed Premier Bartending logo on it. Next to Bar Colossus was our DJ provided by Meister Productions to give the room an upbeat vibe.

bar colossus  _MG_9597

This room also attracted guests to strike a pose with PhotoMingle! This created a fun take-away for guests. Lotus Eyes Photography was nice enough to provide all the pictures from this event. Along with, Treasured Moments who captured the event all on video which you will find in the video below!

_MG_9824-2  _MG_9878

We were so thrilled about the outcome of the networker and couldn’t believe the turnout. We had so much fun teaming up with Heaven Event Center and networking in the streets.




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